A vision fitness treadmill desk for the office

A vision exercise treadmill desk designed for the offices is being launched by the Jerusalem office of the consultancy Vision Fitness.

The desk, which will be manufactured by Jerusalem-based L&D Design, is aimed at the office’s “deeper” users who need to be in motion during meetings.

It will be able to provide a range of exercises to help them get into the groove of the office without worrying about losing their focus.

It will be launched next week.

“A treadmill is the ultimate fitness device,” said Dov Shafran, Vision Fitness’s founder and chief executive officer.

“It is an essential tool for the workplace.

It gives the user a new sense of activity and a way to keep moving.”

The company’s vision exercise desk, designed for employees at a high-tech company, has been developed in collaboration with the Israeli firm Ilta-Israel University.

The project was funded by the Vision Innovation Fund, the government-owned Vision-Israel Foundation and a private sector partner.

The office’s treadmill desk will have a range on-board for both active and passive exercise.

The desk’s features include an adjustable bar, an exercise ball, a treadmill and two sets of exercises.

“It is a great addition to our office, because it will help the office be active in a way that is more effective than a desk,” Shafren said.

The vision exercise chair will be available to all employees at Vision Fitness in a few weeks, he added.

The company has already been selling its desk in Israel, in partnership with the Knesset, to businesses in the area.

The firm is aiming to have its vision treadmill desk in all Israeli cities by 2020.

Shafran said that the treadmill desk’s capabilities will be enhanced by its ability to offer exercises for all types of workers.

“You have a lot of workers who can’t be active.

They’re not looking for exercise,” he said.

“For them, the desk will be a tool for them to find their groove and to keep going.”

The Vision Fitness vision exercise room will be in a new office building in Jerusalem.

The office has already signed a lease to build it in an industrial area in the center of the city, and it will be completed by the end of the year.

Development Is Supported By

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