How much of the NFL’s $1.8 billion budget is spent on training?

By JOE BROWNSTEIN | 11/18/2014 12:10:54The NFL has long been the most lucrative league in sports.

It now has a $1 billion budget, which is nearly twice the NFL average.

That figure includes $1 million for the league office to run its player welfare and player health programs.

It also includes about $500 million for player salaries and salaries for other teams and teams and for equipment.

And it includes about half of the league’s money for security.

But it’s important to understand that the vast majority of the $1,835 billion the NFL is spending on training doesn’t go toward building better players, but is instead spent on buying equipment.

So what does the $800 million that the NFL spends on equipment actually buy?

The NFL has a lot of equipment.

It owns about 2,000 stadiums, about a third of which are stadiums with a capacity of more than 75,000.

It has the NFL Network, which provides games on cable and satellite, as well as the team websites, like, and the team-specific Twitter accounts.

It’s also in the business of selling tickets to its events.

But equipment is not the only part of the equation that the league spends money on.

It buys a lot more in merchandise than it does on training.

And the NFL spent about $1 trillion on merchandising in the past five years.

That means that the $500,000 per-ticket average that the average NFL fan spends on tickets is more than twice what it spent on apparel in that time.

So the NFL has an enormous amount of money on merchandise.

It spent about half that amount on apparel.

And that’s just for apparel.

The other half of that money, about $400 million, goes toward training and equipment.

Training is an expensive part of any sport, but it’s especially expensive for the NFL because of the number of times that a player can get hurt.

Training has become such a huge part of professional sports that in 2009 the NFL Players Association estimated that more than 20 percent of its players were injured on the field at least once during their careers.

And equipment has become a huge source of money for the players union.

The average amount of equipment that a team uses to train and prepare each week is $1 or $2 million.

It can cost as much as $3 million.

Training camps are filled with equipment, like the ones that the Patriots use for practice and the one that the Browns use for the preseason.

Training pads and helmets are used.

And players have their own personal trainers, and they often use them to help them train.

The most expensive part is the training room, which, by the way, is a large and expensive building with a lot on the ground floor.

It looks like a building with lots of windows.

It seats about 1,000 people and is a lot bigger than most stadiums.

The league has built a training complex with its own football field.

The field is huge and the field is full of pads and equipment, but the building has little to no running space.

So, if you’re in training, the best thing you can do is stay on the sidelines and not go to the field.

Training equipment is expensive because players get hurt in practice, and you have to keep your body moving to keep it fresh for games.

Training is also expensive because the NFL doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

For years, teams would show players how to use equipment that the team had built.

But that was a waste of money because it’s just a bunch of pads, and there are no games to play.

So now the league just says, “Here’s what you need to use, and here’s what the team is using it for.

We’re not really paying you to do anything.”

It’s a cheap way to try to hide the fact that the money that the teams spend on equipment isn’t going toward building more good players.

So the question that has come up recently is whether the league should be spending the money it is getting on training and not spending it on equipment.

The answer is no.

Training and equipment aren’t cheap.

But the money the NFL does spend on training is far more than the money spent on equipment, which would be a waste if the NFL were really serious about building better and stronger players.

So let’s see if we can figure out a way to do something about that.

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