How to get a treadmill desk that works as an office chair

The costco desk is a treadmill-powered desk that is popular with business users.

But for anyone with limited space at home or work, a desk can be an intimidating sight.

Here’s how to set it up to work as a work chair.


Add a treadmill to the list of accessories and furniture you need.

The costcos desk can hold four to six chairs and is made out of wood, steel, and fiberglass.

Add it to your home or office to make it easier to keep your desk tidy.


Start with a sturdy, low-profile desk.

The desk is also available in a low-top model that will work well for offices with limited storage space.

It’s called a high-top desk and comes with a steel base.


Get rid of the desk’s wheels and frame.

These wheels and frames can break in a matter of weeks.

To keep your workstation from breaking down, you can install a sturdy wood frame and a durable steel frame with a metal frame support.


Set up your treadmill.

Put your desk in its regular position on the ground with its legs straight and its feet flat.

Make sure the desk is facing away from the treadmill.

You can set the desk up so that the feet and legs are facing away, and then put your treadmill up against the base of the chair.


Add your desk to your workout routine.

As you get used to the desk, you’ll find it’s easier to move around your office and to use other parts of the office.

This will also help you stay motivated during the day.

The goal is to make the desk as easy to move as possible, and to give you the most exercise out of your desk.

7 ways to start working as a desk reader

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