Fitbit is launching its first free treadmill at the New York Toy Fair

The first Fitbit treadmill was released at the NY Toy Fair this week, with the fitness tracker releasing its first fitness track at the International Toy Fair in New York City.

Fitbit also revealed that its first-ever free treadmill is also on sale.

The Fitbit Treadmills have been released in a range of sizes and colours, including a 3-metre model, and are priced at $199.99 for the 3-in, $249.99-4-in and $399.99-$449.99 models.

The company said the free treadmill comes at no additional cost to users, and it’s designed to be used with the Fitbit Connect app for mobile devices.

It also promises to be a great fit for the first-time trainer who’s looking to get started with fitness tracking, as well as a great fitness tracker for people who are already in the habit of working out.

In addition to its treadmill, the Fitbits are also offering fitness trackers for the Microsoft Band and the Pebble smartwatch.

There is also a new version of the Pebble, with a battery life of three days.

Fitbit also said the company will be introducing the first “full-time” treadmill on the company’s platform this year.

The new Fitbit models have been unveiled at the new New York Fashion Week.

It’s one of the first times we’ve seen them in a public setting.

The new model, the Tread, is the first to come with a treadmill and is priced at a whopping $499.99.

It comes with a 2,000-meter (8,500-foot) track, and is waterproof.

In 2018, Fitbit added a new model for women to the mix, the Track, which is priced around $199 and features a treadmill.

There are currently no fitness track and treadmill apps for Android, Apple or Windows devices, and the company has said the T.M. Fitness trackers will only be released to developers for Android devices in 2018.

In 2017, Fitbits first-generation running shoes launched, with Nike’s Running Gear Series 2.

The first models came in four colours: green, blue, yellow and purple.

They came in five styles, including the $79.99 Adidas Run Trainer.

In 2019, FitBIT unveiled the $99 Fitbit Surge, which had a battery capacity of five days.

The company’s newest smartwatches also hit the market in 2017.

There were three models of the FitBit Track and Tread devices in the UK at the end of 2017.

In 2018, the company launched a new series of fitness trackables in the FitTec range.

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