The 10 Best Sculptures on the Web, 2017

We’re not just a bit more tolerant of weirdo art.

We’re actually more tolerant.

In a new book titled The 10 Most Sculpture-Related Blog Posts of 2017, the artists behind the sculptures we love are now more open to us, and more willing to share what they’re working on with us.

And while some of them are the most obvious, there are also some that are surprisingly obscure.

The 10 scariest sculptures of 2017 were inspired by a series of images that have been circulating around the web.

They’re not quite as bad as they sound.

Here are the best of the weirdest sculptures from 2017.


The Man in the Black Suit The most iconic of all the Weirdest Sculptors, this was the first work of Art Nouveau sculpture that took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

It was designed by British artist Peter Brontë and is known for its eerie atmosphere and eerie shapes.

It also inspired a number of other works of Art Noir.


The Great Escape: The Man In The Yellow Suit The first of the Weird Art Nouvesque sculptures, this work was inspired by the “great escape” from prison by a man in the Yellow Suit.

It’s a fascinating and unsettling piece that explores the psychological, social, and sexual dimensions of prison life.


The Lost Cat This is a creepy piece that is an allegory for the death of the cat.

The cat is actually an escape artist.

In the piece, a cat hides in a suitcase while the man’s family escapes to their country home in New Zealand.

It wasn’t until after he died that he was found by his cat.


The Devil’s Mask This sculpture, which was painted in 1968, was commissioned by Italian painter Giacomo De Maggiore.

It is the work of Italian artist Stefano Gallego.


The Scream This is an art-horror piece that depicts a woman who has been possessed by the devil.

It depicts the horror of the demonic entity as a woman, and the anguish of the victims.


The Mask of Death This is another piece of art inspired by Anton LaVey, who created Thelema, a mystical order that is believed to exist.

The work is a disturbing and twisted piece that was commissioned to honor LaVées work.


The Sculpting of the Black Spot This is one of the more famous and iconic of the Sculptor’s Works, and is one that has drawn comparisons to the work by Norman Rockwell.

This piece was designed for the 1939 film The Last Crusade, and was designed to create a powerful and dramatic visual effect.


The Dark Angel The work by artist Paul Diamantopoulos, also known as the Man in Black, is a sculpture that takes place at a cemetery in Spain.

The sculpture depicts a dark-skinned man with a hooded robe with a demonic head facing away from the viewer.


The Nightingale This is perhaps the most bizarre sculpture of the year.

The piece, commissioned by Japanese artist Yoshinori Kato, is an illusionistic painting of a female ghost.


The Demon King This is also a work of art, and a very strange one at that.

It has been likened to the haunting image of the demon from the film Hellraiser.

The man in black is seen at the top of the image, but he is not actually the demon.

This work was designed and created by Dutch artist Mihaela Jansen, who has also done work for the British Museum.

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