The smart treadmill that runs fast and burns calories can save you money, too


(AP) When the treadmill was new, its creator, Bill Wills, said it was meant to be a fun, fun exercise.

Now it’s a way to boost your aerobic capacity, boost your strength and increase your productivity.

The treadmill uses your legs to carry you around, and the more you run, the faster you go.

Wills says the new treadmill runs faster than a treadmill at home, with the speed that takes you from one foot to the next in just 10 minutes.

It also runs at a faster pace than a regular treadmill.

The idea is that by using your legs and arms, you can get a workout faster, with less impact on your body.

Wils’ treadmill runs at speeds up to 20 miles per hour, and is designed to go through a set of exercises designed for people over 75.

You can run up to 12 hours on a treadmill.

Wills says it runs at about 30 to 35 percent of maximum heart rate.

The company, which also makes the treadmill for recreational runners, has sold more than 100,000 units.

Willing says the treadmill can also save you on the fuel cost of running on the street.

“I’m trying to make a point that we are using our bodies, not just the money, but the effort, and what we can save on fuel,” he said.WILLS has made more than 200,000 treadmill units, he says, and more than 30 million miles.

Wiles said it will eventually offer treadmill models with up to 6,000 miles on them.

The treadmill, with its light, easy-to-move legs, has been a hit at Wal-Mart stores.

Walls says he’s selling more than 20,000 of the treadmill models, and he’s planning to have them available for purchase for the next few years.

Wal-Mart is planning to sell the new models, along with other running accessories, in the next two to three months.

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