Bring Fitness Home With A Proform ZT4 Treadmill

Run, jog or walk with the Proform ZT4, a treadmill that gives you all the comforts of a commercial treadmill from the convenience of your home.  With a foldable space saving design to have a smaller footprint during storage, it is great for homes with limited space. It comes with 16 pre-installed programs, so you’ll never run out of workout ideas. The compact model is built strong enough to take up to a 300 pounds.

So should you blindly go and buy yourself a Proform ZT4? Read our full review below and you will know if it’s really worth your money or if you’re better off investing in an expensive model.

Proform ZT4 Review 

The Proform ZT4 is a great walking or jogging model and is ideal for light running as is the case with home work out enthusiasts. Before we plunge deep into our Proform ZT4 review, here’s a quick look at the pros and cons.


  • Compact – It folds up to a small footprint area of only 30″ L x 33″ W and hence can be stored easily 
  • Program selection – You can choose from an awesome 16 different pre-installed workout programs including heart rate programs for your fitness at home.
  • Easy to setup – It can easily be fixed by a single person and comes with clear and concise instructions.
  • Great value for money – This is one of the best treadmills you will find under $500 with a lot of features


  • Smaller Treadbelt area – The 18”x50″ is large enough for walking and jogging but might feel restrictive for fast-paced running if you’re very tall. 
  • Small display screen – This is a basic black and white screen and the smallest by Proform standards, measuring only 5″.
  • No CHP motor – A 2.75 THP motor may not be for hardcore runners who will require a high power CHP (Continuous Horse power) motor for longer durations.

Strong and sturdy Proform ZT4 frame (Rating 3.5/5)

The Proform ZT4 frame is made of precision welded steel for a stable and sturdy workout experience.  It is a lightweight model weighing only 160 lbs and when it is fully assembled it measures – 80″ L x 37″ W x 60 H”.

The deck is a comfortable 18″ x 50″ that is wide enough to accommodate your regular jogging, walking and running workouts. The wide running surface is also great for users of varying sizes but might feel smaller for those who run with long strides. They will either end up knocking the deck edge on the front or run the risk of going back too far on the rear end of the deck.

You can go up to a 10% incline on this model and up to 10mph speed owing to the 2.5 THP motor.  The maximum user weight capacity that it can withstand is 300 lbs which is good but not great to accommodate users of varying weights.

Proform ZT4 features (Rating 4/5)

In this section, you will find everything you need to know about the Proform ZT4 features.

  • 2.75 THP (Treadmill Horse power) commercial grade motor for home fitness running
  • Proshox cushioning makes your workout to be easy on your joints
  • The 18″ x 50″ wide treadbelt is made of commercial stretch-resistant 1 ply material
  • 5 inch LCD with 16 pre-installed programs, speed and incline controls
  • Rear caster wheels for easy mobility when folded
  • Speed range of 0 to 10 mph
  • Incline range of 0 to 10% for a power workout
  • Pulse grips for heart rate monitoring
  • Ipod and MP3 port with speakers for streaming of music
  • Cool air workout fan
  • Two cup-holders and a tablet holder

Your daily workout machine – The Proform ZT4 2.75 HP treadmill (Rating 3.5/5)

The Proform ZT4 2.75 HP treadmill motor is ideal for daily workouts that involve walking, jogging or light running. The light weight 2.75 HP motor can reach a speed of up to 10mph but since it does not have a continuous duty power, it cannot be used for extended running at high power.

The upper weight limit of 300 pounds too should be factored in only for walking and jogging and not for hardcore running. This is definitely not a model made for full-fledged running.

Motor, frame and other Proform ZT4 treadmill parts (Rating 3//5)

When investing in a big equipment and one that you would like to use on a daily basis, it is important to have a good warranty in place. The construction is quite strong and the parts used are all durable including the steel frame, tread belt, rollers etc.

The frame and motor both come with a 5 years warranty but the Proform ZT4 treadmill parts and labour come with only a 90 days warranty period.

Proform ZT4 customer reviews (Rating 3.9/5)

The best way to know about how a product works is to find reviews by the customers who have already purchased and used the product. You can find some great and honest reviews by customers on websites like Amazon.

Based on the Proform ZT4 customer reviews on Amazon, the treadmill gets an overall rating of 3.9 stars out of a possible 5 making it a really good entry-level treadmill.

Recommendation based on Proform ZT4 treadmill reviews 

This treadmill from Proform, a brand that is known to make reliable and budget-friendly fitness equipment, has all the hallmarks of a well built machine. By analyzing various Proform ZT4 customer reviews, it is clear that the Proform ZT4 is not a great long-distance running treadmill or an extremely versatile commercial grade treadmill.

What the Proform ZT4 can do for you is help you with a fun-filled home fitness. Since it comes with the ProShox cushioning, it is ideal for seniors who like to go for a brisk walk everyday or for people who have undergone a joint surgery.

The LCD display will give you all the vital stats you need during and after the workout such as heart rate, distance travelled, time, speed and incline details. You can do all this while you enjoy your favourite workout music too.

It is a well-constructed medium range treadmill that will let you reach your fitness goals with ease. And with some great features and a fair price tag, it will definitely make it a great choice for your home fitness needs.