Bring the gym home with the Sole F80 treadmill

Do you love the gym and feel home treadmills don’t give you the same power workout? Now you can get the same intense workout at home too with the Sole F80 treadmill. Coming from the house of Sole, who have experience in making commercial style treadmills for use in clubs and hotels, this F80 has been designed with the same configuration and ease of use with a folding option, a wide deck and many other amazing features for a great running experience.

Sole F80 review – What’s great and what’s not?

The Sole F80 is chock full of features and is designed with the user in mind. We look into some of the best features that the F80 has to offer and some areas that probably need improvement in this Sole F80 review.


  • Powerful – Perfect for running, jogging and walking with a powerful 3.5 CHP (Continuous Horse Power) motor that allows a running speed of up to 12mph. 
  • Quiet and healthy – Cushion Flex Whisper deck ensures a quieter workout and reduces the impact on your knees and joints by 40%.
  • Durable – It is built with a strong steel frame and durable 2-ply rubber treadbelt for a lasting performance
  • Easy to use – The easily foldable deck can be locked and stored in a vertical position when not in use and the hydraulic mechanism ensures that it practically lowers itself on its own.
  • Safe – The frame and deck come with a safety lock system to ensure that the deck stays in place when upright.
  • Train-easy – It has Bluetooth to transfer your workout data to your smart devices.


  • Low speed change time – Changes in speed occur rather slowly making it difficult for some time-oriented workouts like interval training.
  • Heart rate monitor range –  The heart rate monitor does not detect the user if they run slightly away from the console.
  • Distance readings – The readings show only one decimal place while many competing models show up to two decimals.
  • Low and short handles – The handles may feel low for people with a tall built and also short for some.
  • Error message – The equipment seems to show an error message when used for the first time, but is rectifiable.

The Sole F80 frame – as solid as it can get (Rating – 4/5)

The Sole F80 frame is made of steel and is of the double horse shoe type for extra stability. It comes precision welded and tested to withstand up to 375 lbs. This means that it can accommodate users of almost all weights.

The belt and deck are wider than many other treadmills in the same price segment with a 22”x60” running surface. People who are really tall too can run freely on this treadmill without the fear of going back far at the rear edge.

The belt is made durable and virtually stretch-free with double woven 2-ply rubber belts that have a inner PVC layer and covered by nylon at the back.

What are the Sole F80 features? (Rating – 4/5)

The F80 is one treadmill that packs a tonne of features for its price. It has even been reviewed as the ‘Best treadmill in its price range’. Here is a look at the Sole F80 features.

    • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck – Reduces impact on joints by 40% and is quieter.
    • A powerful 3.5 CHP motor – with a running range of 0-12 mph
    • An incline range – of 0 – 15% grade
    • Power grip and chest straps – for heart rate monitoring
  • Foldable deck – with lock for safety and hydraulic mechanism for hands-free lowering. 
    • MP3 compatible sound system with speakers  – for streaming music from your iPod or mp3 player during your workout.
    • Handrail mounted controls – for adjusting speed and incline settings on the move.
    • Cooling console fans – to cool you down while you run.
  • 9″ blue LCD display – shows progress of your workout. 
  • 10 pre-installed programs – that includes 1 manual, 5 programmed, 2 custom and 2 heart rate workouts.
  • Bluetooth – for easy pairing with Sole or other compatible fitness apps on your smartphone and smart devices. Easily transfer your workout data.
  • Message board – helps as a guide to easily operate the console making it user-friendly.

Is the Sole F80 treadmill power on par with other treadmills? (Rating – 4.5/5)

Running on a treadmill requires a motor with 3CHP or higher compared to walking or jogging. The Sole F80 treadmill power comes from 3.5 CHP (continuous horsepower) motor that helps you achieve running speeds of up to 12mph.  So you can walk, jog or run as much as you like and you will get the best of all three in your workouts. You can adjust the speed settings during your exercise with the speed controls on the arm rest.

Sturdy Sole F80 treadmill parts (Rating – 4/5)

Durable and sturdy Sole F80 treadmill parts are at the core of the treadmill’s superior performance.

The flywheels are all-steel and zinc-coated to reduce vibration during operation. This in turn makes for a much quieter treadmill. They have large crowned 2.5” rollers that result in less wear and tear on parts like, motor, belt and bearings.

The equipment comes with a peaceful lifetime warranty for frame, motor and deck. There is a  five years warranty for electronic components and a 3 year warranty on labour.

Sole F80 customer reviews (Rating – 4.3/5)

Most buyers of treadmills expect the performance of a commercial treadmill for their home use, as many of them are either too busy to visit a gym or gym workouts can work out to be more expensive in the long run than buying a treadmill.

Many home use treadmills lack the user-comfort and are nothing more than just a platform to run causing fatigue and even injury in the long run. The Sole F80 can be such a refreshing change to regular home treadmills.

Based on other Sole F80 customer reviews, the F80 fares as a treadmill with a solid performance and features that far outweigh its shortcomings. The users on Amazon give it s 4.3 stars out of a 5 stars.

Conclusion – Sole F80 treadmill review

The purpose of this Sole F80 treadmill review is to give you a good idea of the performance of F80 so that you can compare it with its competitors and make a wise choice. With a solid body, high powered motor and a user-centric design, it packs a great number of features to make your reach your fitness goals with ease.