Why do you need the ProForm ZT8?

In a world riddled with concrete jungles, taking a walk on a long misty road or, doing Yoga on nature’s lap is a dream that remains a dream. And, where there is no time to eat a healthy lunch or a dinner, fitness eludes us in ‘Catch me if you can’ fashion! And then, treadmills happened! Physical regimen has been restored in its former glory as we can burn our calories and at the same time attend unavoidable business calls. Proform ZT8 treadmill is the catch for us, if we need to keep those fat storing agents in control!

Proform ZT8 treadmill is one of the most commonly bought treadmills. With a 20”x60” running surface that sits on the 72 x 34 x 57 dimensioned frame, it weighs about 222.5 lbs. It can sustain user weight of about 325 lbs.

A basic ProForm ZT8 review

It is difficult to put everything down in a ProForm ZT8 review, but the following is a list of the biggest pros and cons


  • With iFit enabled feature in Proform Zt8 treadmill, we get the much needed exposure to fitness programs by notable trainers.
  •  Variety of programs: This model, like all other ProForm models also enjoys a wide range of programs to suit every person’s fitness needs
  • Durable running belt: The 2-ply running belt lasts really long with little to no maintenance needed.


    • Heart rate monitoring is not as great as expected in Proform ZT8 treadmill.
  • We are aware of the fact that Grip sensors that are used in the heart rate monitoring system are not that precise as chest straps.  

The ProForm ZT8 Frame – all you need to know

Proform ZT8 is built of a 1.9” precision welded sturdy steel frame. To make it durable and robust, the frame has been completed with a powder coated finish. Equipped with a 6 inch back lit LCD, we can keep track of our workout in terms of time, speed and distance. The monitor is a 6 inch back lit display with 22 in-built programs. The display clearly indicates the incline, calories, time, distance, heart rate and speed.

I rate it a 3.7 / 5

Additional ProForm ZT8 Features

  • Console has a backlit, iFIT compatible LCD display
  • Preset with 20 built-in workout programs
  • iPod compatible audio port
  • Dual grip EKG sensors
  • CoolAire cooling fan
  • Oversize cup holders

Assembly takes around 2 hours overall. It would have been ideal to have two people deal with the entire process, but it is possible to assemble it single-handedly. I would rate assembly a solid 4/5.

What is the ProForm ZT8 Treadmill Power capacity?

Proform ZT8 treadmill runs on a 2.75 CHP Mach Z motor that supplies power to the 2 ply commercial tread belt which runs for years in good shape. This feature increases the speeds up to12mph and, raises incline by 12 %. Given its synchronization with the wants of our body, we rate this life saver a 5 on 5.

A list of Proform ZT8 Treadmill Parts

Other prominent parts of Proform ZT8 treadmill include:

  1. ProshoxTM – This cushioning ensures we have a painless experience in intense workouts.
  1. Music port for iPod with 2 integrated speakers ensures that we are free from hassles of plugging headphones and tangled wires.
  1. CoolAire 4” workout fan – This feature keeps us cool, helping us to get back into the drill of the intense work out.
  1. Grip Pulse EKG heart rate monitor ensures you are well within the perfect pulse rate throughout the workout.
  1. Quick control operations for modulation in speed and inclination
  1. Easy Lift assist designed on Space saver’s fold away design ensures easy folding at the end of the workout.

The heart rate monitor is a common feature that comes along with many upcoming treadmills. Essentially, this helps in segregation of serious fitness trackers from the aspiring ones. This feature gives us an insight into how hard our hearts must work during the work out. Chest straps are used for monitoring the heart pace during the work out. With a closer proximity to the heart than the wrist bands, they are more accurate. However, wearing them can be a pain and can bring in some discomfort.

Chest straps are best for athletes as they have a time driven work out and, the heart monitoring feature enables in providing them with exact heart rate measurements.

The best part about Proform ZT8 Treadmill is it comes with a 10 year warranty on frame, a 10 year warranty on motor, 2 year warranty on parts and, with a one year warranty on labour.

An overview of Proform ZT8 Treadmill Customer reviews

As per customer reviews, Proform ZT8 treadmill has earned its brownie points in terms of its use, though assembly of the product needs more than a pair of working hands. A few adjustable wrenches and hex wrenches with a Phillips screwdriver makes the assembly easier as the instruction manual is crisp and lucid. Other than a slightly noisy fan, this treadmill has been reigning as one of the hot favourites with the customers. On a scale of 0 to 5, this earns a rightful 4!

A general ProForm ZT8 Review

Proform Zt8 is one of the finest treadmills we can own as they ensure well timed and well planned workouts that keep our fitness intact. Apart from enjoying the benefits of Proform Zt8 treadmill, we can also avail the benefits of other exercise equipments like elliptical machines, weight benches, exercise bikes and many more.

We recommend Proform ZT8 treadmill for it moderately powerful motor of 2.75 CHP and, with an incline that goes up by 12 mph. With an inbuilt computer and an ingrained iFit, the workout options for us are countless!

Being on the reasonable side on the pricing aspect, Proform ZT8 treadmill is a buyer’s delight as it does not take too much of your storage space and, with a space saver design folds up easily without trouble.

So, if you are planning to surprise your spouse with a birthday or an anniversary gift, we suggest you buy Proform Zt8 treadmill. It is easy on your wallet and serves your purpose of a fit and a healthy life. Assembling can be a hassle. But then, assembling it also makes sure you burn your calories! It does not take more than two hours to assemble the entire set.

We recommend Proform Zt8 treadmill for all the aspiring fitness freaks. These work best even in offices wherein, a timeout is all one needs to burn those calories!