Fitbit is launching its first free treadmill at the New York Toy Fair

The first Fitbit treadmill was released at the NY Toy Fair this week, with the fitness tracker releasing its first fitness track at the International Toy Fair in New York City.Fitbit also revealed that its first-ever free treadmill is also on sale.The Fitbit Treadmills have been released in a range of sizes and colours, including

Why You Need a Smaller Treadmill for your Fitbit or Garmin device

The latest in fitness equipment.The latest fitness equipment, like treadmilling, is not easy to find.We asked people about their treadmill clearance, which they think is the most important factor when choosing a treadmill for their device.We also asked about their experience with treadmining, and the results of their own treadmill runs.Read more about the best

5 Ways to Get a Free Workout on Craigslist (Without a Job)

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Which treadmill is the best?

What are the best treadmill models?If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably seen the commercials and seen the gaming videos of the various treadmills on the market.But what exactly are the advantages of each model?Here are the top three models, sorted by price, size, and specs.1.$2,995 treadmillThe treadmill we’re talking about here is the $2.995 treadmill

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